Haitian Coffee is making its way into the American Market

Haitian Coffee is finally breaking its way into the larger American market, beyond the Haitian Diaspora consumers, who for years have been bringing Haitian coffee to family and friends in the US.


Beginning September 18 six Walmart stores in Florida are carrying the Haitian brand Towo Supreme, produced by Geo Weiner, one of the oldest Haitian coffee company.


Also recently, Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the US, has started selling two types of REBO Coffee - Rebo Delux and Rebo Gourmet. Rebo Coffee has a long history of producing and selling coffee in Haiti.


A larger variety of Haitian coffee is available through the online store Kafe Pa Nou founded over a year ago by members of the Haitian Diaspora.


"I wanted to enable people to get their hands on this special strain of coffee, no matter where they are located in the U.S… and the online store allows us to do just that,” says Fabien Dodard, one of the founders of Kafe Pa Nou.


Haiti has a long coffee tradition since its colonization by France in the 17th century. In the late 1700 Haiti was supplying half of the world coffee. In 1949 it was the world's third largest coffee producer. Over the years, the Haitian coffee industry has been affected by natural disasters, and political factors. Today Haitian companies are working towards bringing Haitian coffee back on the international markets. 

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