Newly inaugurated Dominican president wants to sign a Free Trade Agreement with Haiti

Danilo Medina, the new Dominican president who was sworn into office on August 16th, announced that he is working on a proposal to sign a Free Trade Agreement between Dominican Republic and Haiti. Medina stated that, without a doubt it would bring many benefits to businesses and workers of both countries.

Medina also stated that it was imperative to eliminate the anarchic conditions of trade between Haiti and DR.


Haiti is the second largest trading partner of the Dominican Republic after the United States. According to Medina, more goods are moved in a single day of market activity that takes place on Monday and Friday at the Haitian-Dominican border than in a year of exports to Central America.

Danilo Medina, 60, was elected president of the Dominican Republic on May 20th with 51% of the votes. He is part of the PLD, the same party as the previous president, Leonel Fernandez.


On August 16th, as he swore in as president of the Dominican Republic, Medina vowed to create jobs, fight corruption and human trafficking, and improve its immigration laws.

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