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REGION La Gonâve Arrondissement: Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette

Gonâve Island (French: Île de la Gonâve, pronounced: [ɡɔ.nav]; also La Gonâve) is an island of Haiti located west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonâve. It is the largest of the Hispaniolan satellite islands. The island is an arrondissement (Arrondissement de La Gonâve) in the Ouest Department and includes the communes of Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette. The indigenous Taínos called the island Guanabo.

La Gonâve arrondissement is divided into two communes: Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette. These are further subdivided into eleven sections and two towns (villes). The towns are Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette, named after their respective communes. Anse-à-Galets is the largest settlement on the island with an estimated 2009 population of 39,783—half of the island's total population of 79,188.

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Source: Wikipedia