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The Transition: the Haitian leaders have a good opportunity to fix what is needed to be fixed

Posted By Haiti Place     February 27, 2016    

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The below opinion is from Joseph Alfred:

The Transition the Haitian leaders have a good opportunity to fix what is needed to be fixed

Dr. King stated: “When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative.” Martin Luther King Jr., US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 - 1968)

The main qualification to be a prime minister has nothing to do with a scholarly and work experience but can you bring people together, can you earn their respect and finally, are they willing to work with you.

In taking a good look at the situation in the field, we can say that the Lavalas camp took over the power from the Duvalierist. The one million dollars question: will the division within the Lavalas family shift the power to another emerging camp! Politically speaking, the Duvalierist is dead. There are some remnants scattered throughout the country but it is mathematically impossible for the Duvalierist to come out from this knockout punch!

Will the Parliament vote favorably for the politic general of Mr. Fritz Jean, the Prime Minister nominee and a Lavalas loyalist? Or will the prime minister nominee become a casualty of a frustrated Parliament?

At this time, the political chess is being played and you are on check: you have to make a move! Oops! This one, you are already on check!

We do not know how long it will take for this provisional government to consolidate its power! However, the longer it takes, the more likely that this government may be losing control of the situation.

This my POV!

“Rescind all Presidential decrees taken during the absence of the Parliament”

The Haitian leaders should not rush in organizing a new election or continue with this election! Why we are here today? Because there was no provision in the constitution for this special case.

Now, we are in the transition! Let’s try to get the best out of it by fixing what is needed to be fixed and the country will come out of a Transition must better than what it is today.

This is a Patriotic proposition that is deeply rooted in my dream and my vision with the hope to see the emergence of a new Haiti.

1) The Provisional President needs to send to the Parliament a nominee who can form a coalition government
2) A national Dialogue
3) Creation of a Reconciliation Commission similar to South Africa
4) General amnesty from 1804 up to Now! And Reset the Clock! Taking revenge will bring more revenge! When are we going to stop? Stop Now!
5) Create a Constitutional Commission that shall have a mandate to write a new constitution within the next two years.
6) Formation of Departmental Electoral Council after the approval of the new Constitution
6.1) The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial System should not play any role in the formation of the electoral council.
6.2) In addition, anyone can file suit against the action of the electoral council and the judge decision must be implemented!
6.3) Election should be automatic! No need to have a presidential decree calling for a vote
7.0) in the new constitution, Haitian National living in Haiti and the Diaspora shall have the right to seek any electoral post!
8.0) Electoral Primary! Each department will set a date for its primary election! The top two candidates nationwide will go to a general election.
8.1) To make it easier for the people to take part in the electoral process, everyone paying the National income tax is automatically registered to vote!
8.2) A Haitian National is automatically registered to vote when he/she applies for a driver license, a Haitian Passport or a national identification card.
9.0) All Haitian Nationals living in Haiti and the Diaspora must pay a National Income Tax
The National income tax
15% for Free k-12 education, Free public transportation (buses, voucher), free breakfast/lunch, free after school program
5% for University
10% security
10% Healthcare ( Dispensaire/Hospital)
10% assisting the elderly and handicap
10% saving for water & sewage plant in the tax payer hometown
5% road maintenance and new road/ railways, waterway (taxis boat)
5% assistance to farmer and small business
5% trash removal and clean public bathroom in the rest areas facilities along the highways and at the welcome station at the entry of Each Department
10% Park, sport and recreation
5% electoral fund ( the country cannot rely on outsiders to finance its elections. Election is a local matter, it should be financed exclusively by the Haitian people)
10% saving for emergency or rainy day!

This transition shall take at least 2 years and half to fix what is needed to be fixed. The Transitional government shall prepare the country for a General Election: all posts are up for grab!

Again, we call for a General amnesty from 1804 up to Now! Let it go and move on! We call for the Creation of a Reconciliation Commission similar to South Africa. It is a good time to start over!

You have a choice to make: you can choose to listen to a Haitian National who has a vested interest in seeing the country moving forward or listening to those who have no vested interest in seeing the country moving forward.

The August election was not acceptable and as well as the October election! One thing is certain, the country is not ready to organize a serious election before May 14! The members of the CEP has to be trained and as well as all staff. Base on the irregularities, it will take some time to train these folks! Please, no more mandataire! Everyone must vote where he/she registered! ((If you are going to observe the poll away from your residence, you should vote early! No exception!))

What we observe throughout the turbulent history of Haiti is that all new governments are taking revenge and revenge! When are you going to stop! My suggestion: Let it and move on! And take the time to fix what is needed to be fixed. It is the reason why we advocate for the creation of a Reconciliation Commission and also a general amnesty and most importantly the leaders need to launch a National Dialogue.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Mother Teresa , Indian (Albanian-born) humanitarian & missionary (1910 - 1997)
Joseph Alfred
Washington, DC