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Diaspora Actions to Address Needs

Posted By Fritz Gerald Salomon     December 12, 2014    

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We all are aware that Haiti has unprecedentedly tremendous needs for young professionals in just about every field including health care, education, criminal justice, homeland security, Information Technology to name a few.

The Diaspora Community has an obligation to come up with the best solutions and provide the most appropriate actions to help Haiti in creating new opportunities and building greater communities where professionals are noteworthy; that is, Haitians can afford good healthcare, public officials are held accountable, children receive the best education and enjoy a good meal after a school-day, police officers stop violating civil rights, and farmers understand the importance of agriculture.

I propose that the 11th Department create online courses which are taught by qualified members of the Diaspora. For instance, recently I designed a Forensic Science course for Haitian police officers; the course covered basic and fundamental principles of criminal investigations and crime scenes procedures. 11th Department could seek sponsorship for Construction Management, Ethics in Public Service course etc.

We have nothing to lose. In fact, we can contribute to Haiti's progress and impact young Haitians' lives.


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  • Haiti Place
    Haiti Place  · August 24, 2015
    Fritz, thank you for the suggestions. Please join the Education Group so you can discuss these ideas further with the members. We do have an "online education" solution we can launch on the, however, we will need to have an...  more