Emergency Preparedness Fund

Support Training, Equipment, Response, and Relief

Emergency Preparedness Fund

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What is the Emergency Preparedness Fund?

The Emergency Preparedness Fund (EPF) is a fund established to support the emergency preparedness framework, which includes training, readiness, equipment, cash for families, response, and relief efforts.

The fund and disbursement decisions will be administered by an Emergency Preparedness Finance Committee made up of the VIP Members of Haiti Place and representatives from Haiti. The Haiti representatives will come from the municipalities, NGOs, and community emergency response teams who will provide regular reports on disaster preparedness, and updates on disaster areas of impacted Regions/Arrondissements.

Haiti is extremely prone to natural and manmade disasters, and is in need of additional assistance regarding matters of emergency preparedness. Haiti lacks the resources and money to deal with the usually extensive damages caused by a disaster or other crises. For that reason, the EPF plans to support national training on emergency preparedness, readiness, and response (in collaboration with the Haitian government, NGOs, and partners); help establish the Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) program; provide assistance to people with urgent needs; assist ERTs with equipment, transport, and other needed support to ensure rapid delivery of aid.

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