Emergency Response Teams

Proactively prepare for disasters and crises

Emergency Response Teams

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What are Emergency Response Teams?

To prepare for and respond to disasters, we must establish Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) that will work closely with emergency responders and community members. A program must be put in place to help manage ERTs, and train them on basic disaster response skills.

Haiti Place's Emergency Management Program, in collaboration with its Partners, plans to develop courses that are relevant to the types of crises and disasters that affect Haiti each year.

ERTs are made up of volunteers who plan and prepare for disasters or emergency situations. ERTs can assist people following a disaster in a region/arrondissement, and support emergency response agencies in Haiti.

Register or Join an ERT

If you are already part of a group that responds to disasters in Haiti, you can register your Emergency Response Team (ERT) here. This will help you recruit additional help, receive training and certification for disaster preparedness, coordinate efforts with other ERTs on the ground, and more. If you are not part of an ERT, you can find one here to join.

Want to help create the program for ERTs?

Please contact us. Haiti needs your help.