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How to Join the Effort

 is a network of individuals, nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and other partners working together to plan, prepare, mitigate, and respond to disasters and crises in Haiti.

Nonprofits and Businesses

Join as a "Nonprofit", "Business", or "VIP" level member to become a partner organization of EMP. After you join, simply add your organization under the Organizations listing on this portal to be recognized as a Partner.

As a EMP Partner, you will be recognized on your Organization Page as a "Trusted Organization" and will be added in the network of organizations supporting emergency and disaster preparedness efforts in Haiti. Your organization will work together with EMP's Partners on training, preparedness, and help coordinate relief efforts during emergencies and disasters.


HP EMP will promote your organization as a Partner and prominently display your organization on our Donations page to help raise funds for relief efforts.


Government Agencies

We invite government agencies to partner with HP EMP to better plan and prepare for relief efforts during emergencies and disasters impacting Haiti.

Contact us to discuss ways to partner.



When you join as a "VIP" level member, Haiti Place contributes 10% of your membership subscription to the Emergency Preparedness Fund.

When Haiti is faced with a disaster or emergency, contributing members will vote on how the funds should be used for the relief efforts.